The beautiful Parco delle Cascate di Molina is a splendid naturalistic oasis of over 80 thousand square meters which extends along the Fumane Valley, at the confluence with the Vaio delle Scalucce and with the Vaio di Molina.

An equipped path allows you to visit the most beautiful waterfalls and at the same time to catch suggestive glimpses of a natural landscape made of meadows and woods, slopes, rocky spurs, trees and waters.


It is easy to let yourself be conquered by the beauties of the Park, especially if you choose to follow one of the many hiking trails that cross it, all clearly marked and passable on foot to be able to linger freely in the places that will most attract attention. By following these fascinating itineraries, identifying the one that best suits your level of training, you have the opportunity to come across the most fascinating sites scattered throughout the territory, letting yourself be conquered by the flashes of water and its nuances that create completely different landscapes. on the other. Do not miss, for example, the Bear Waterfall, with its deep well, or the Green one still the Quareta, called the Black Waterfall equipped with a fun acrobatic swing that almost touches the surface of the water.


But it is not over because along the route there are really many attractions that surprise hikers. In the Bear Cave, for example, you can admire the hunting scenes depicted on the walls, while in the area of ​​the Mysterious Crosses you ask the meaning of those strange engravings on the stone. On the Panoramic Pitch, moreover, you can give free rein to your photographic vein by capturing magnificent shots of the park dominated by a unique perspective. Thanks to the fun initiatives for young and old and themed guided tours, you can also discover the park from a very special point of view, being able to choose to go into the maze of the woods, to discover the rich biodiversity offered by the waters or to deepen the historical aspects of the area by visiting the old mills, such as the Mulin de Lorenzo with its large stone mill.

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