23/02/2020 - Carnival in Domegliara

The 73rd Carnealon De Domeiara parade in Domegliara di Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella takes place on Sunday 23rd February.


The Valbusana court preceded by the 72nd Duke, by the Duchess, by the Marquis of Montindon and Marchesa, by the Baron of the Recioto Grola and by the trusted Cedrone without Liver accompany the crowned heads of Verona and its province, allegorical floats, folk groups and the people celebrating along the streets of the Duchy, confetti, balls, songs, frizzi and lazzi, joy and fun for young and old.


In February 1947, Domegliara was a country like many in Italy, folded by the war just ended, but with the desire to return to live, laugh and joke. Some villagers went to Verona in search of ideas for their carnival: and here they saw on the street, written over a bin, a name that hit them: "Valbusa" ... and "Valbusa" was. 


From that day, at carnival, Domegliara stops the clothes of the industrious center of Valpolicella, to dress those of the "Duchy of Valbusa", noble Kingdom of joy which, like all the kingdoms that respect each other, and dominated by one of his Dukes, his most important mask elected every year by the people.

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